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Oh No! A Socialist Utopia!

I’m not dead, i’m just trying to figure it all out.

Noah Ingram
2 min readAug 25, 2020


Hey Squad.

Writing has been sparse for me lately. I don’t have any great excuses. I have been busy starting my new job, Special Education teacher, and thinking about how to do that in a virtual environment. Thankfully I have a great support structure. My class at UVA to continue towards a full license starts today as well.

I try to detox with a little bit of video gaming. I used to indulge video gaming so much. Thirteen hour long Skyrim sessions weren’t uncommon. Now it’s an hour here or there but it’s a good respite from tv and other stressors.

The news everywhere is worse everyday, it seems. I joined my Teachers’ Union yesterday and fully support unionization and a removal of right-to-work laws. Then some teacher came on the RNC last night and told all of us how she bravely fought those pesky unions. Don’t hear me wrong: unions have their problems and they are many. I vaguely recall the California case of which she was part being a bad look for that union. But an all out assault on the only successful model of worker power in a capitalist society was disheartening. I have a hard time imagining a Republican as an educator, given their stated disdain for public anything. let alone a Trumper, given the need for brain cells those folks generally lack.

And of course, because America, we went ahead and shot another black guy.

Tim Scott said the Dems were going to make America into a “socialist utopia.” Gosh, I’d sure hate that.

I am in the middle of gathering info about an outstanding subreddit, Keep_Track, and am hoping to interview its founder. Give it a look.

I’ve become obsessed with tech privacy lately and have always been a strong pro-privacy advocate. In the penumbras of the Constitution and all that. I expect to focus my writing on privacy issues and tools for awhile.

Tell me what’s new with you!



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