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Night One of the Democratic Convention

Noah Ingram
3 min readAug 18, 2020


Biden our last best hope?

Today for no reason I’m starting up my Medium blog, vlog, thing, rant space, I don’t feel like editing, hot takes, and so on topical service. I’m calling it mental muffins. Much like writing without editing and submitting assured of your own mental superiority, actual muffins are delicious but bad for you. So it goes.

While playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 last night I listened to the virtual convention. My family watched to see if somehow in someway their would be some hope and change or at least a fully spoken sentence that was coherent. Sorely lacking in these past few years.

I primaried for Bernie. As with all Democrats, I voted for him at least 47 times, but to no avail, as my state went for Biden. We have a large defense and federal economy and Biden, despite my warm feelings for his best intentions, will almost certainly keep bombing brown people in other countries for reasons not known to him or most Americans. Oil or spite, no doubt.

It warmed the cockles of my cynical soul to hear Uncle Bernie get a chance to speak. Sincerely, I hope we on the America Hating Left do not sit out November. Trump and his cadre of morons are as existential a threat as the founding fathers could have imagined. Now is not the time for idealogical purity and whining about more of the same. Trust me, I will complain every day after that orange faced toad is gone but before that I would vote for a house plant if that was what the Dems ran against Trump.

Anyway, Bernie. The man with all the best ideas. The reason we could have nice things. Elizebeth Warren but half as less compromised. The only Democrat gun nuts can safely support. He was winning for a brief shining moment. For some reason that beggars the imagination, he could not capture the African American imagination. Bernie got the crap beat out of him at Civil Rights protests, Biden opposed busing and passed black community destroying crime bills. Biden has intense support in the PoC community. So there’s that. Someone explain it to me. Grumble grumble.

The rest of them I mostly did not care about. John Kasich? The strategy behind letting Republicans disaffected by Trump’s nonsense extend the welcome table for Biden is probably a smart one, but Kasich is still a bad dude. He is still, vomit, a Reagan Republican.

Everyone’s favorite person, Michelle Obama, came on. I want to say bad things, but I can’t. She is so sincere it makes my heart melt. And she was spot on. She has caught some real shit in her tenure as first lady, vitriol that has no place in a decent society, and stood prouder for it. Great role model. I liked what she had to say. She can swing by our place for Thanksgiving anytime she wants. The invitation is always open.

We will see how night two goes. Toodles for now. Sigh.



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