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I figured Out the Ten Thousand Year Old Conundrum

Noah Ingram
2 min readOct 5, 2020
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It is within the realm of decency not to root for the Covid-19 sickening Donald Trump. I have discovered, and perhaps solved, millennia of ethical torture by being just fine with this premise. I am Team COVID-19 in its battle with the Orange Man.

Let me be as clear as I can: if COVID-19 wiped out his family and the Republican leadership infected at the nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett, I would be just fine. I would sleep soundly. I would throw a party and send out invites to any Trumpers I know.

I learned a long time ago it does not make you an ethical or superior person to be above the notion of wishing ill on an unequivocally terrible person and family. I do not mean I disagree with his politics, although I do. I mean from the moment he walked until right now, he has lied, bullied, sued, assaulted, and otherwise conned his way through life. He is an odious human. I cheer for his cheeseburgers and cokes to get his heart, if there is one there, to clog him up.

Sincerely, I understand this all sounds terrible. But these aren’t ordinary times. Nowadays, colleges have new majors around fact checking the Trumps. We cannot as a society pump them out fast enough to keep up with the nonsense.

So, here it is. Ethics solved. If the sum total of the biography of a person’s life shows him or her to be a relentless and active dickhead, it is ok to root for that person’s medical maladies to get the job done. I absolve you.

Now, was Mitch McConnell at that ceremony?



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