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Are You Watching the Legal Eagle on YouTube? You Should Be

Devin Stone gets Serious and So Should You

Noah Ingram
2 min readJul 22, 2020


If you don’t know him, Devin Stone is the Legal Eagle on YouTube. I love this channel. He covers many topics but for a long time he was among a group of Youtubers who did an expert’s review of popular media. You’ve seen it. Dr. Mike reviews medical shows. Soldiers and swordsmen review tactical and weapons accuracy. I watch a lot of them, and they are often amusing and always informative. Stone’s the Legal Eagle is my favorite.

Stone is not a goofball, but he has fun with his channel. He does “<media> gets lawyered” and goes through the flaws and accuracies of movies and tv. Watch his review of Lionel Hutz, which he can recite by heart, or My Cousin Vinny, another favorite movie of his. He also does legal meme review, more serious looks at more notorious legal cases and popular misconceptions about the law and lawyers. His tagline is “it’s time to think like a lawyer.” Most of the time, he is fair and neutral in his analysis. When he isn’t, he says so.

Then, the Trump-backed terrorism against peaceful protestors occurred at Lafayette park in Washington, D.C. I’ve said in other places Trump does nothing surprising and this moronic, harmful stunt to assert his power and stroke his machismo adds to the list. Devin Stone released a response video to Lafayette park, stricken with anger and grief over the authoritarian tinges evident in the actions against the lawful protests in the park. Stone is a resident in D.C. and counts Lafayette as one of his favorite places in the city.

I’ve watched this video many times. I’m watching it now as I write this article. I wish my anger had this kind of eloquent fire. I doubt it ever can. Stone is a litigator, his collegiate background has many accolades in debate, and he has stated in the past always wanting to be a lawyer. That takes a certain argumentative spirit. Devin Stone also has a sincerity to argument that I can’t make because I can’t let go of the need for sarcasm, pompousness, or snark.

That’s why everyone should be watching him. And anyone who can lay out complex ideas like he can. After his impassioned response to Lafayette park, he filed suit against various agencies of the government: The White House, the CIA, and the DOJ. The suit concerns the material taken out of John Bolton’s cash grab gotcha book. Spoiler: Stone doesn’t have nice things to say about Bolton.

I’ll leave this short article with Devin Stone’s own words:

“You can only stay on the sidelines for so long.”



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