Knowing When to Put It Away

I fully confess. This is not my patio. At least, not yet. But, it does represent what I thought was needed most this weekend: a brain break. I began this year as a freshly promoted special education teacher, reaching out to instruct from the digital beyond. It has been new…

When Do I Have Too Many Hobbies?

In the earlier part of this year, in the halcyon days of summer which seemed so innocent and long ago, I built my first gaming PC. I’ve been a video gamer for a while now, since the release of the Xbox 360, and have come back to the PC from…

I figured Out the Ten Thousand Year Old Conundrum

It is within the realm of decency not to root for the Covid-19 sickening Donald Trump. I have discovered, and perhaps solved, millennia of ethical torture by being just fine with this premise. I am Team COVID-19 in its battle with the Orange Man.

Let me be as clear as…

Full Time SPED Teacher; Part Time Tech Support

Any of you who are educators of any stripe have likely been victimized by the technology various schools districts have found need of rolling out to kick-start the new school year. I feel your pain.

I don’t have an issue with Zoom, though I find its interfacing a touch awkward…

Beginning to Analyze the Most Fundamental of All Human Rights

Privacy. A word held sacred in properly run democracies, often under assault from those who favors its abolishment in favor of specious goals such as public safety and law and order. Those are the rationales of authoritarianism.

In the United States, the notion of privacy was birthed in the 4th…

Mental Muffins

I’m not dead, i’m just trying to figure it all out.

Hey Squad.

Writing has been sparse for me lately. I don’t have any great excuses. I have been busy starting my new job, Special Education teacher, and thinking about how to do that in a virtual environment. Thankfully I have a great support structure. …

Mental Muffins

Night One of the Democratic Convention

Today for no reason I’m starting up my Medium blog, vlog, thing, rant space, I don’t feel like editing, hot takes, and so on topical service. I’m calling it mental muffins. Much like writing without editing and submitting assured of your own mental superiority, actual muffins are delicious but bad…

Noah Ingram

Husband of one, father of one, special education teacher, student of history, sometime author, all day dreamer.

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