Knowing When to Put It Away

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I fully confess. This is not my patio. At least, not yet. But, it does represent what I thought was needed most this weekend: a brain break. I began this year as a freshly promoted special education teacher, reaching out to instruct from the digital beyond. It has been new, enlightening, and overwhelming. I would not trade it for anything but I needed to put it away.

On this Monday past, I put in for a personal day. Quickly approved, as I expected it would be, I planned my week around an extra day off. It was not so much…

When Do I Have Too Many Hobbies?

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In the earlier part of this year, in the halcyon days of summer which seemed so innocent and long ago, I built my first gaming PC. I’ve been a video gamer for a while now, since the release of the Xbox 360, and have come back to the PC from a mostly console lifestyle. This is not one of those articles about the glories of PC over console. I don’t really traffic in that argument. It is an examination of hobbies.

I started with the PC because it has, sad to admit, faltered in its use as my gaming rig…

I figured Out the Ten Thousand Year Old Conundrum

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It is within the realm of decency not to root for the Covid-19 sickening Donald Trump. I have discovered, and perhaps solved, millennia of ethical torture by being just fine with this premise. I am Team COVID-19 in its battle with the Orange Man.

Let me be as clear as I can: if COVID-19 wiped out his family and the Republican leadership infected at the nomination ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett, I would be just fine. I would sleep soundly. I would throw a party and send out invites to any Trumpers I know.

I learned a long time ago…

Barrett, Mitch, and Due Process of the Confirmation Process

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As an America-hating leftist, it is without a doubt an unpopular opinion that I fully support Trump, odious as he is, nominating and receiving a senatorial hearing on his nominee for the Supreme Court. I can affirm I likely agree with little of what Judge Barrett believes personally, religiously, and as a Jurist. I hope for a miracle where she is not confirmed. I also hope to find a tin can of money in my back yard. Each is equally likely to occur.

But Trump, as president, a phrase I can barely write without utter despair and disdain, has a…

Full Time SPED Teacher; Part Time Tech Support

My Brain by About 3 every day

Any of you who are educators of any stripe have likely been victimized by the technology various schools districts have found need of rolling out to kick-start the new school year. I feel your pain.

I don’t have an issue with Zoom, though I find its interfacing a touch awkward. Office 365 is fine. I am taking all the courses to be a certified MS trainer educator. Adobe Creative Cloud…steep learning curve. But I’ll tackle that too.

My albatross is the laptop the district gave me. Let me be clear, I am thankful beyond measure to have a job. My…

The Poet Laureate of Freehold and his Band Are Writing a ‘Letter to You’

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With little doubt, 2020 will go down in the books as one of the most surreal years in American history. How can it not? Our democracy is sliding over a cliff shoved by men in dark room doing dark deeds, being led by a carnival barking moron. A deadly disease has killed almost two-hundred thousand people and counting. The economy is in tatters, fueled by the pandemic and the devotion to terrible fiscal thinking that governs the party in power. It ain’t been a good year, Jack.

I was resigned to this. Until like a freshly birthing star lighting a…

Beginning to Analyze the Most Fundamental of All Human Rights

Privacy. A word held sacred in properly run democracies, often under assault from those who favors its abolishment in favor of specious goals such as public safety and law and order. Those are the rationales of authoritarianism.

In the United States, the notion of privacy was birthed in the 4th Amendment. Coming from various philosophical traditions from before and during the Enlightenment in Europe, the notion that a person was in ownership of his or her own personhood and the centrality of property rights to true freedom informed deeply how that amendment was formed. …

Mental Muffins

I’m not dead, i’m just trying to figure it all out.

Hey Squad.

Writing has been sparse for me lately. I don’t have any great excuses. I have been busy starting my new job, Special Education teacher, and thinking about how to do that in a virtual environment. Thankfully I have a great support structure. My class at UVA to continue towards a full license starts today as well.

I try to detox with a little bit of video gaming. I used to indulge video gaming so much. Thirteen hour long Skyrim sessions weren’t uncommon. …

Mental Muffins

Night One of the Democratic Convention

Biden our last best hope?

Today for no reason I’m starting up my Medium blog, vlog, thing, rant space, I don’t feel like editing, hot takes, and so on topical service. I’m calling it mental muffins. Much like writing without editing and submitting assured of your own mental superiority, actual muffins are delicious but bad for you. So it goes.

While playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 last night I listened to the virtual convention. My family watched to see if somehow in someway their would be some hope and change or at least a fully spoken sentence that was coherent. …

Review of “Hitler and Gun Control.”

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Professor Buzzkill, one of a legion of history podcasters, is one of the must-listen podcasts for the history buff and laypeople alike. In his real life, Buzzkill is Joseph Coohill, a scholar of modern Britain and Ireland. Across hundreds of episodes, along with experts, Coohill exams myths common and uncommon and picks them apart. Those myths trend with historical myths resurgent in popular discourse. Lately, the Lost Cause and other Southern historical mythmaking have figured prominently, given the debates around Civil War monuments in the light of the protests across America.

I listened to them all, wrote about them, and…

Noah Ingram

Husband of one, father of one, special education teacher, student of history, sometime author, all day dreamer.

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